Shenzhen Linus Technology Co. , Ltd, the leading consumer electronics supplier in Shenzhen, China. We are commited to provide customers with quality products and service.

We work directly with retail buyers and purchasing departments. Our focus is on producing affordable electronics with the right design and performance at the right price. We can even provide customized and private-label consumer electronics for your retail brand. From smartphones, to televisions, to home security, photo and video equipment, E-mobility, and much more !

We have built a solid reputation with excellent product quality and affordability. Our success is based on the principals of exceeding the expectations of our customers by offering the latest in technology and features, packaged in world-class designs – all at affordable prices.


Shenzhen Linus Technology Co. , Ltd
Factory Add: Block 6, Xinhaosheng Industrial Park, Yonghe Road, Fuhai, Baoan, Shenzhen, China
Contact Person: Tom Lee
Phone: 8617875268006
Email:  [email protected]